Finished commission for thewiggleofjudas.

For her two part series Sussex, in which Sherlock decides that it’s time for them both to retire to the countryside. John, however, is not so sure.

This is one of my favorite tellings of their journey from those days of uncertainty, up to the long-awaited and long-elusive clinching moment of certainty. IMO, this John and Sherlock are both spot-on, especially in their tendency to say but a little and mean so much. DO go read it!

Sussex (19,519 words) - The Sea in a Chasm / Boundaries

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Re-reading old fic for AO3 publication, and I came across this:

Still, Lister had never been one to listen to what people told him, even if it was himself doing the telling.

I wrote that in 2006. :p



Lady Sybil Vimes (c) Terry Pratchett


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Red Dwarf Challenge (10)



Day 10 - Ace Rimmer or Arnie J.?

Arnie J. I share his opinion that Ace is a smug, self-satisfied git, so…:p

No, but really, although Ace is intriguing as a character and fundamentally a good guy, he’s too sickeningly perfect-acting to be likeable. Whenever I watch Dimension…

I don’t prefer one over the other. The reason I liked “Backwards” so much is that Rob gives us Ace’s backstory. Ace represents what Rimmer could have been with a different attitude and more introspection, IMO. He may come off as less human than Rimmer because traits that society might see as faults are not as obvious … but they’re there. I see Rimmer as someone who could be a good spouse and possibly father if he really wanted to be; he’s stable. Ace is not settled (now this is not necessarily a “fault,” but much of human society sees it as such). I would imagine Ace is CRUSHINGLY hard on himself; you can see it spill over to dealing with Rimmer in DJ. It’s the only time you see Ace clearly irritated. (Of course, I think Rimmer is very hard on himself too, he just doesn’t broadcast it and tends to blame others outwardly). He’s a perfectionist and likely would get irritated with having to spend too much time with someone less disciplined than himself (like, once he spends any time with Lister and realizes this is not HIS driven, immaculate Spanners). I don’t think he would work well in a team at all - he’s a lone ranger. For all his heroics, he’s an introvert, wanting to control the time he has to himself and the time he has with others (again, not a fault - but the extroverts running most of wider society sure seem to think it is). I think he’s sincere enough in his desire to learn and to help others, but he definitely puts on a face in dealing with people - I think that, combined with the fact he seems ready to face absolutely any crisis, is where a good deal the “smug, self-satisfied” air comes from. On the other hand, Rimmer has enough clear faults that he makes others feel better about themselves in comparison, so he’s tolerable.

Of course, what’s astounding about all this is you can see clearly-demarcated different personalities in Rimmer; Ace; Rimmer as a version of Ace after the emohawk; hard-light Ace who dies; Rimmer taking up the mantle of Ace; and nano-Rimmer. And it’s the same actor playing all six characters with nothing but a change in wig and costume among them.

These are all very interesting perspectives!

All I really have to add is that personally, I’ve always felt that Ace is the opposite extreme of Arn. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and Ace is very much the paragon of Taking Things Way Too Far. And to be honest, I think that’s a facet of Rimmer’s personality; he always goes to extremes. Ace is what he becomes when he actually succeeds at making himself what he thinks he’s supposed to be. The poor twonk.


I don’t think I ever posted the three of these together and that bothers me. I still have plans to do more Sherlock characters, including Molly, Irene, Mycroft, Lestrade, and Moran. Eventually.

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30 Day Sherlock Challenge - Day 03: Your Favourite Minor Character

Are there minor characters in Sherlock, really? I’m not trying to be clever; it’s something I genuinely do consider. Technically, of course, we see less of - for example - Philip Anderson that we do John and Sherlock, but he’s such a presence in the show (not to mention the fandom) that it’s hard to think of him as ‘minor’. At any rate, this is a terribly tough question for me. I can’t think of a single character in Sherlock that I don’t like - and yes, I realize there’s a question about that later. They’re not without flaws, neither as characters or people, of course, but that’s as may be. Still - if I have to choose:

Sally Donovan.

We sympathize with Sherlock. Of course we do; it is quite literally his show. Sally Donovan, of course, does not know that she is part of a television show. Sally Donovan is a skilled professional, who is passionate about her job and damned good at it, and spends an inordinate amount of time having to deal with some arrogant cock of an amateur, messing about her place of work, with the full blessings of her boss.  I sat up and cheered during that scene in TSoT where this is painfully and obviously lampshaded; her boss will happily drop everything while on a case they have worked intensely for months, at the mere drop of Sherlock’s hat.

Sally Donovan is professional, takes no shit from anyone, and a fantastic foil to Sherlock. In the world of Sherlock, Sherlock the character does not represent the everyman; Sally Donovan does. John Watson is not his opposite; she is. Not that she is either average or a man; she is balanced where Sherlock is mercurial, follows the rules where he bends them, conventional where his is not. Unlike Lestrade, she accepts no excuses for Sherlock’s behavior when it is out of line, and makes the very important point that the ends does not necessarily justify the means.

Quite frankly, Sally Donovan is a hero.


Ballet/punk/tattoolock with also undercut, cigarette and leather jacket so basically kill me dead

(some of the tattoos are taken/inspired by msaether's tattoolock design, others are mine)

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Today’s achievement: My co-worker, who is ten years younger than me, thought I was younger than him.


ron, harry & hermione!

i like to imagine that after the war ends & everything gets cleaned up, the three of them get a flat together while they recuperate & try to figure out where to go from there.  and they all have a tough time of it at first, but eventually they create someplace all of them can call home.

Tagging Fics




I sometimes wonder how precise to be about tagging character pairings in fics. I don’t want to raise someone’s hopes of reading a rare pairing when it’s actually only a few lines or implication, but then if I don’t mention it they might miss something they’d have enjoyed reading.

I’m thinking…

what about “implied” note? it warns people that it is not a centre of the plot. but I get it. When fic is long enough you just can’t tag everything. Man, this got me thinking. Maybe I should tag Cat/Big Meat… well, if I’ll get to that in translation, I might do exactly that.

Good idea, but I doubt people would think to search for that tag on AO3.  I suppose I could put that in a summary and hope most people go through in chronological order rather than searching by pairing.

Cat / Big Meat?!  Well, it is canon. ;)

lala-sara: We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, ma’am! :D

Personally, I tend to tag everything, and explain in the notes. Some folks tend to hate certain ships, and don’t want any mention of it, so I always think it’s good to mention everything…

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Sooooooooo… If I were to create a Sherlock RPF blog, would there be any interest in that? Not a single-pairing blog, but a general place for all Sherlock-related RPF. Freebatch, Beneloo, stuff with original characters - you name it. Been thinking about it.


flower shop au for grace <3

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Mer!Mystrade, but there’s not much mermaid…oops. Inspiration came from a sea ballad called The Drowned Lover (link to lyrics). There’s no dialogue.

I don’t know if you can tell Greg’s accident happened when they were younger and it’s been a while (I tried to age Mycroft subtly?), but that just makes it sadder (I hope).

Now just need to finish the Dragon!lock story and some other things and the fanbook will be done!

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