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Why the hell isn’t boy!Kochanski a thing?

I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. Every other character has been gender swapped, species swapped, or encountered some crazy au version of themself. Why not Kochanski?

It’s a thing in fic, certainly (or, well, I’ve consistently written it). But I guess you meant in canon?


My kingdom for Sherlock to spontaneously kiss John’s forehead like he did Mary’s in TSoT.

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Mimas Cowboy (2993 words) by Kahvi [AO3]

Fandom: Red Dwarf
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer

Summary: When David Lister gets stuck on Mimas after a particularly drunken 25th birthday celebration, he has to find a way to make some easy money. Sex work seems like the perfect solution, but one day, he gets a particularly odd customer…


Lister had considered stripping, but he didn’t have the money for a proper wardrobe (the fact that stripping required a wardrobe had initially surprised him), but for whatever reason, selling sex had never occurred to him. Well, why not? He liked having it, and the work had to be easy enough; certainly easier than chasing fares all night, sometimes literally, when they ran off without paying. And anyway, he’d always been told he was pretty good at it.


Going back to my neglected color challenge! I had a lot of fun painting this one. One day I want to do a Guardians cover… a girl can dream…

Orange for #7daysofcolor, featuring Rocket Raccoon. OH AND come see me at NYCC’s Artist Alley next week, table V11!!

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the thought of becoming an adult one day is the scariest thing ever why cant i live the rest of my life blogging about fictional characters and laughing at stupid shit

I am going to let you in on the worst-kept secret…

I am a 36 year old woman, writing this at my place of work, wearing a Ravenclaw hoodie. I’ve got purple highlights in my hair. I’m married; have been for nearly ten years. I’ve got a mortgage and a cat and my husband has a Tesla model S. We’re geeks; we spend our time playing video games, watching science fiction and going to conventions. I write fanfic and mess about on Tumblr here at work.

We never grow up. We don’t have to. Don’t worry, kiddo. x

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Yeah, I’m not sure about that, Dr. Bossman…

All right - draft all done. Will hopefully post tomorrow, if I can get it polished up.


A consulting detective and his doctor as requested by flutiepatutie106.

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Some intimate Johnlock doodles for

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Writing tonight, which is a minor miracle. I’m working on alitbitmoody's story, which is called - here's a teaser for y'all: Mimas Cowboy.

A rewrite of the opening section of “Infinity…”? :p

I’ll give you one more hint - it’s not that kind of cowboy.

Writing tonight, which is a minor miracle. I’m working on alitbitmoody's story, which is called - here's a teaser for y'all: Mimas Cowboy.


Sorry for the absolutely awful quality but I don’t actually own a scanner… plus it’s A2 haha (2B, HB & 3H pencil on A2 paper.)
I wanted to draw them over the three series and I don’t know if I managed to be honest the longer I look at it the less I like it haha

If anyone is however remotely interested I will sell the original, send me a message if you’re interested :)

Commissions are open!

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Life is hard when your boyfriend can deduce every single naughty thought you have while you pretend to write a new blog entry ^w^

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